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1966 Australian Round Silver 50c Coin

1966 Australian Round Silver 50c Coin
1966 Australian Round Silver 50c Coin
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This magnificent 1966 Australian Round Silver 50c Coin is struck in 80% silver. Made in 1966 for use in circulation this spectacular coin was quickly withdrawn from circulation due to the high content of silver. The government of the time recieved a huge amount of complaints from the Australian population about the round 50c pieces. These complaints were mainly about the 50c piece beening to much alike from the 20c pieces in size, which lead to alot of elderly people mistaking the 50c coin for a 20c piece. 

To this day alot of people in Australia can recall the frantic actions of the masses to collect the 1966 Australian Round silver 50c pieces before the government recall. The Australian government in 1966 made a mistake by releasing the coin with 80% silver content, at the time wise people in Australia knew that the silver content in these 50c pieces were greater then the face value and started hording these coins for the silver content.

The Australian Government in 1967 decided to stop production of these coins and in 1969 release what we use today the 12 sided 50c piece which was made with the copper nickel content.

The 1966 round 50c pieces is one of the most collected coins in Australia, as the only round 50c piece used in circulation this spectacular coin is a great adddition to your collection. Coins are graded between Very Fine- Extra Fine.

  • First Decimal 50c
  • Only round 50c piece made for circulation
  • 80% Silver


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