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Royal Australian Mint Release date: 10am Thursday 7 September 2023

11350 - 2023 50c Coloured Uncirculated Coin – Christmas Decoration – Festive Floral
Mintage: Unlimited RRP: $12.50

10601 - 2023 $5 Coloured Frosted Uncirculated Coin - Australian World Heritage Properties
Mintage: 30,000 RRP: $30.00

11245 - 2023 Six-Coin Fine Silver Proof Year Set
Mintage: 1,000 RRP: $375.00

11246 - 2023 Six-Coin Gold Proof Year Set
Mintage: 50 RRP: $14,500.00


Royal Australian Mint New Releases For Thursday 3 August 2023


50th Anniversary of the Sydney Opera House

2023 50c Uncirculated Coin | Mintage: 50,000
2023 50c Silver Selectively Gold-Plated Proof Coin | Mintage: 5,000
2023 $100 Gold Proof Domed Coin| Mintage: 750

Beauty, Rich and Rare – Twelve Apostles

2023 $5 Coloured Silver Proof Domed Coin | Mintage: 7,500
2023 $100 Coloured Gold Proof Domed Coin | Mintage: 750

Royal Australian Mint New Releases For Thursday 18 August 2023


35th Anniversary of Edward the Emu

2023 20c Coloured Gold-Plated Uncirculated Coin- Deluxe Special Edition Book | Mintage: 3,000
2023 20c Coloured Gold-Plated Uncirculated Coin- Special Edition Book | Mintage: 5,000
2023 20c Coloured Gold-Plated Uncirculated Coin | Mintage 20,000


Royal Australian Mint New Releases For Thursday 29 June 2023










Royal Australian Mint New Releases For Thursday 6 April 2023

2023 $2 ‘C’ Mintmark Coloured Fine Silver Proof Coin – 50th Anniversary of the End of Australia’s Involvement in the Vietnam War. 

2023 $2 ‘C’ Mintmark Coloured Uncirculated Coin – 50th Anniversary of the End of Australia’s Involvement in the Vietnam War.


Release date: 10.00am Thursday 3 November 2022

$1 Uncirculated Coin – Centenary of the Smith Family

$2 ‘C’ Mintmark Colour Unc Coin – 10th Anniversary of the 2012 $2 Poppy Coin

$5 Silver Proof Colour Domed Coin – Great Daintree Rainforest (Part of the Beauty, Rich and Rare Collection Program)

$100 Gold Proof Colour Domed Coin - Great Daintree Rainforest (Part of the Beauty, Rich and Rare Collection Program)


4th August 2022

Royal Australian Mint new releases for September 2022

2022 $5 1oz Ag Domed 40mm Proof Coin - Centenary of the Validation on Einstein’s Theory of Relativity

2022 $1 AlBr Uncirculated coin - Einstein and Wallal 

2022 50c CuNi Uncirculated Coin – 75th anniversary of the Australian Signals Directorate 
2023 $1 AlBr Uncirculated 2 Coin Set - Lunar calendar - Year of the Rabbit

2023 $5 Domed Fine Silver Proof Coin - Lunar calendar - Year of the Rabbit 

2023 $100 Domed Gold Proof Coin - Lunar calendar - Year of the Rabbit 

2023 $1 1/2oz Fine Silver Frosted Uncirculated Ingot - Lunar calendar - Year of the Rabbit 

2023 50c CuNi Tetra Decagon Uncirculated Coin - Lunar calendar - Year of the Rabbit

2022 $2 AlBr C Mintmark Uncirculated Coin - 75th Anniversary 0f Peace Keeping 

2022 $2 AlBr Circulating Rolled Coin - Lest We Forget: 75th Anniversary of Peace Keeping 

2022 50c CuNi Coloured Uncirculated Coin - Christmas Decoration 

2022 2022 50c Silver Colour Proof Coin - Christmas Decoration 


19th April. 2015

As promised yesterday, i have received some images of this magnificent $2 ANZAC Red Coloured Commemorative Coin



Hope this helps with the hunt,

happy hunting


Sydney Coins and Jewellery


18th April, 2015

To all our Customers we would like to say thank you for your ongoing support. It has been a while since i made a Blog post and i do apologies for the absences. This year there will be a few releases that will be amazing to collect and the best thing about this is that you would not need to spend any extra money to obtain a nice collectible coin.

The coin i am referring to is a new 2015 $2 Red Coloured ANZAC CENTENARY Commemorative coin that will be released for circulation.  YES that is right, during the next few weeks the Australian Government will be releasing into circulation this Amazing $2 COLOURED coin.

This $2 Red Coloured coin will feature a LEST WE FORGET word in the center of the coin with RED coloured circles which will surround the word, five crosses and poppy flowers will also be present on the coin.

To our customers we advise to hunt for these amazing coins in your loose change as an amount of JUST 1.5 million coins will be circulated throughout Australia. 

Due to the fact that "All" of the coins will be circulated into the market and we know from past experience that distribution of circulated currency can be uneven through different states, we advise our customers to ask relations from other states to look out for these beautifully crafted coins. 

Just to remind our customers, the 2013 60th anniversary coronation coloured coin that was released for circulation is now priced at $10 - $20 in the open market. This coin has similar mintage to the 2015 $2 Red ANZAC commemorative coin.

I hope to supply everyone with a picture of this magnificent coin soon.

Happy hunting and remember to get the whole family/friends to look for this amazing coin.

Good luck from 


Sydney Coins and Jewellery


20 December,2012

On Behalf of Sydney Coins and Jewellery i would like to wish all our customers a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. We will be out of the Office from 24/12/2012 - 30/12/2012 all purchases within this time will be shipped from 02/01/2013

Merry Christmas everyone

Sydney Coins and Jewellery

5th November,2012

Just a quick note, the 2013 range of coins have arrived, BUT the Royal Australian mint is having some troubles with some of its coins.
2013 year of the snake 50c piece
This coin have been delayed, i do apologies for this as the Royal Australian Mint is working overtime to get these coins ready for dispatch. Hopefully i will have these coins sometime this week. I will keep everyone updated.
We also recieved news that the AFL $1 Uncirculated coin will be delayed for 2 weeks.
30th October,2012
we have just recieved the images for this circulation coin, Sydney Coins and Jewellery your local coin dealer hopes this will help our collectors in the hunt for these new designed $2 coins. If you would like an uncirculated coin, make sure you keep your eye out for them in your change, or look out for them on our website as we will be trying to secure an allocation of these coins from our sources. We will keep you in touch when these coins hit the market.
29th October,2012
Today your local coin dealer Sydney Coins and Jewellery have finally recieved the 2012 Year of the Dragon Tetra-Decagon (14 sided) 50c piece in the red folder. Images are uploaded to the new release section.
We Also have news of a NEW Poppy Designed Circulation $2 coin that will be released sometime this year. This is the first time the Australian Government has changed the design of the $2 coins since 1988. Look out for them in general circulation or if you would like a uncirculated one pleae look out for them on our website, we will be releasing images soon for this coin.
27th October,2012
Boy what a busy week we had, this week we have been over run with orders for the new 2013 products offered by the Royal Australian Mint, thou the products are due for release on 5th November 2012 we have been flooded with orders.
For those who do not know here is alittle insight in why new release products dont hit the selves straight away when you see the advertising. The two mints (Royal Australian Mint and Perth Mint) have an embargo date on when you can advertise there new release products . This is done to give all the dealers a fair go in selling the new releases. They normally have about a 1-2 weeks delay in the offical release of the products. 
With the embargo lifted on the Royal Australian Mint New Releases, whats hot has been very clear.
2012 Australian Remembrance $2 Coloured Poppy Uncirculated Coin
2013 Year of the snake tetra-decagon (14 sided ) 50c piece has been in huge demand 
2013 Australian 6-coin Mint Set with hyper metallic 20c coloured coin
27th October,2012 Afternoon Edition
This is For all the Bullion Collectors the 2013 Chinese Lunar Year of Snake 1oz Silver BULLION Coin has officially SOLD OUT at the Perth Mint. The mintage of this coin was 300,000, released in september this coin didnt take long to sellout
10th October, 2012 images are listed on our NEW RELEASE SECTION
A BIG hello to all sydney coins customers, today i would like to discuss what you would be expecting for the chirstmas period releases.
From the Royal Australian Mint, this would be the final realeases for this year and it all happens in NOVEMBER 2012.  Images would not be available until release date but we have compiled a list of the goodies that will be on offer for chirstmas
Minted Treasures $1 silver proof coin
2012 AFL $1 Uncirculated Premiership Coin
2012 AFL Coin and Stamp Cover
2012 $2 poppy uncirculated C-Mint Mark Coloured Coin
2013 6-coin mint uncirculated set
2013 6-coin proof set
2013 2-coin uncirculated set
2013 2-con proof set
2013 6-coin baby uncirculated set
2013 6-coin baby proof set
2013 wedding coin set
2013 year of the snake $1 Uncirculated coin
2013 year of the snake $1 Silver proof coin
2013 year of the snake 1/10oz gold proof coin
2012 Ballet coin and stamp cover
2012 Bathurst coin and stamp cover
2013 Tetra-decagon 50c Year of the Snake in card
2013 Tetra-decagon 50c Year of the Snake in Australian Map Packaging
Perth Mint Releases
Australian Lunar Series II - 2013 Year of the Snake Gold Proof Coloured Editions
Australian Lunar Series II - 2013 Year of the Snake Silver Proof Coloured Editions
Year of the Snake 2013 1oz Silver Proof Rectangle Four-Coin Set
2012 Silver Proof High Relief Four-Coin Set
Four Seasons - Summer 2013 1oz Silver Proof Coin
Birds of Australia - Budgerigar 2013 1/2oz Silver Proof Coin
Baby Snake 2013 1/2oz Silver Proof Coin
2013 Australian Citizenship $1 Coin
2013 Year of the Snake Lunar good fortune 1oz Silver 2-Coin Set (Tuvalu Currancy)
2012 Chirstmas First Day Coin and Stamp Cover
We will completing our end of year chirstmas cataloge soon with all these coins avaiable for order so dont forget to sign up for our news letter. Images for these coins will be uploaded to our website as soon as it becomes available.
28th september, 2012
Exciting news today Australia is getting a new range of circulation banknotes, thou the project is ongoing we should see these notes in the market within 2-3 years from now. Also i would like to express again the importance of think twice before you buy. Today i had serveral customers that came in with FAKE 1937 Australian crowns, these knock off copies are thinner then your normal 1937 crowns and do not contain any silver. please be aware if you are offered a 1937 for $3 at your local markets then you need to ask yourself why is the vendor selling them for much lower then just silver price, chances are these coins are copies.
19th September, 2012
Welcome to our new website, please be patient we will have all our product uploaded soon.